Tooth Fairy Garden Opening

We have been busy decoration our unique Tooth Fairy Garden outside of the clinic room. Special thanks to Steven’s children for their inspirations and hard work in helping to build this space for all of you to enjoy. Once you come into the premises you will be able to see the Tooth Fairy Garden. Look out for the animals, butterflies, and the Tooth Fairy Mailbox!

We created the space for the community to come and visit at any time. Do you know that exposing children to an unfamiliar environment in a mon-threatening way could help them to create a positive association with visiting the dentist? Encourage your children to write or draw a picture to put in the Tooth Fairy Mailbox.

We recommend bring children to the dentist as early as practically possible, even if no formal treatment is carried out. For adults, we recommend twice a year. However, each person has their own unique set of needs when it comes to their oral health.