Start 2023 with a fresh dental check up & clean

Welcome to 2023 👍– Ascent Dental Kangaroo Point team and dentist, Dr Steven Chen is back to work. Remember to book your regular comprehensive dental check up and clean for a healthy oral start in 2023.
Little fun fact about your dentist Steven: Did you know that he is a huge fan of transformers?
Thank you for all your support to our local small business in 2022, we look forward to supporting the locals in Kangaroo Point, East Brisbane, and Woolloongabba in 2023. If you have a friend / neighbour looking for an  please let them know about us.
At Ascent Dental Kangaroo Point, we offer wide range of treatment to suit your need. We have a caring dental team that focused on creating a relaxing environment and positive dental experience for you and your family.
Treatment available:
– Children Dentistry (including mouthguard)
– Bulk Bill Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (for eligible children)
– Orthodontics Braces / Clear Aligners.
– Preventative Treatment
– Restoration
– Cosmetic Dentistry (Toothing Whitening, Veneers)
– Root Canel Treatment
– Crown, Bridges, and Dentures – Implant Treatment
– Genetal Dental Treatment (Comprehensive Dental Check Up, Clean, X-Ray)
We are here to listen to your needs and work with you to help you to enjoy your dental experience as much as possible. Please contact our friendly team to start your dental health journey with us.