Dental Services

When it comes to your oral health, it's important to choose the right dentist. Ascent Dental Kangaroo Point offer a wide range of treatments to suit your needs. We have a caring dental team that focuses on creating a relaxing environment and positive dental experience for you and your family.

General Dentistry

Comprehensive Treatments and Services

We offer an extensive range of treatments for Kangaroo Point families from toddlers to seniors and everyone in between. These include:

  • Dental check-up and cleans
  • First dental exam for children
  • Fillings
  • Tooth Ache 
  • Root canal therapy
  • Crowns and veneers
  • Bridges, dental implants, and dentures to replace lost teeth.
  • Safe and gentle wisdom teeth removal
  • Teeth whitening
Your first exam / check up with us:

First examination is the session in which we generally assess the condition of the oral tissues (teeth / gum / others). Then we aim to identity the underlying causes of the problems and create a systemic plan to treatment the problems.

We like to have wide perspective view of the situation. We aim not only to treat few teeth but to improve the general oral health / appearance / speaking / chewing. It is also critical to aid our clients in understanding the underlying problems and give them tools to maintain the healthy oral tissues for longer term.

Few intraoral radiographs are usually a good tool for us to further assess the teeth / gum. It will probably help us to identify caries / gum problem where it is difficult to see.

Regular check up:

Oral tissues need regular review to make sure they stay in healthy condition. It also allows dentist to detect problems when they are in early stage when the damage is still limited. Treating problem in early stage may also allow us to avoid the more aggressive treatments (e.g. root canal treatment or extraction) in the later stage.

Consultation/Limited exam:

If you only wanted to seek opinion regarding to certain issue / problem (e.g. toothache of one tooth, wisdom teeth consultation, implant consultation).

Teeth cleaning/polish:

Regular professional teeth cleaning is important for oral health. Food may be left in some area where it is difficult to access with toothbrush and floss. Then tartar/calculus may form and then traps more food. As the food/calculus may play a part in the formation and progression of caries and gum problem. It may be a good practice to have teeth cleaned/polished every six months.

Fissure sealants:

Some posterior chewing teeth have deep fissure and easier to have food trapped in the bottom part of the fissure. Fissure sealant may be used as a preventive measure to avoid food accumulation in the bottom part of the fissure. This may prevent caries in the fissure area.

Oral hygiene or diet consultation: To maintain healthy oral tissues, oral hygiene and diet should be monitored. They both play important roles in the formation of caries and gum problem.

Tooth colour fillings:

Tooth colour restoration or composite resin restoration is normally the standard filling material that we used to restore tooth. A tooth normally need filling when part of the tooth structure is damaged or lost due to caries/decay/trauma. It is important to detect decay in early stage and arrest its progression. 

Then restore the lost structure to restore the function of the teeth and prevent food from trapping in the cavity.

Please visit us if you are experiencing tooth ache, tooth pain, or tooth sensitivities to cold/hot.


Inlay and onlay are fillings that are not directly filled into the cavity. They are normally indirectly constructed in dental laboratory and may be beneficial to use in certain situations.

When tooth lost too much tooth structure, they may not be able to provide enough retention to hold filling. And the tooth may not have enough strength to stand the occlusal stress. Crown is then probably more suitable to be used. Another example is the tooth had root canal treatment. Tooth had root canal treatment can be more brittle and usually already lost much tooth structure. These teeth may be benefited from restoration with Crown.